Intuit to announce second quarter Fiscal 2020 results on 24th Feb
Intuit to announce second quarter Fiscal 2020 results on 24th Feb

Intuit to announce second quarter Fiscal 2020

Intuit is yet to appear with second quarter Fiscal 2020 results on 24th Feb. Intuit, the producer   of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint, is going to announce its second-quarter results for fiscal year 24 Feb 2020. As the company’s second quarter ending on 31 December. Intuit executives will discuss the financial results on 24 Feb on conference hall at 1.30 p.m To get in-depth reference you can also connect with us at +1-833-353-0548.

Know More about Intuit:

Intuit. Inc is an american business & financial software company that develops & sells financial, accounting & tax preparation software. The company is headquartered in Mountain view, California. More than 95% of the earnings come from activities in the United States. Intuit’s  sole purpose is to get Power Prosperity all around the world. Being a global financial platform company with products including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Turbo. Here, we are designed to benefit the consumers, self-employed and small businesses that improve their financial lives. Intuit comes every year to provide eminent accounting solutions to software users.

Why opt for Intuit?

Intuit inc. is one among the leading manufacturers that designs & developed financial accounting software. Many essential software is designed by Intuit & gets huge preferences from its users. With the outstanding & precise accounting solution offered byQuickBooks, Mint, Turbo Tax is revered by many customers.
  • Intuit offers reliability for tax preparation, small business accounting & financial management.
  • 24*7 of protection offered by our Customer care services.
  • One Intuit military program is the commencement to create job opportunities for Veterans & military families.
  • By using QuickBooks, TurboTax, & Mint more than 50 million users have already joined the Intuit.

Customer Oriented support

Intuit is a renowned company which is specific towards the customers preferences. There are various support offered by our Customer care team. Benefits a user can procure through Intuit Customer care executives are as follows:-
  • Deliver 24*7 availability to the software users.
  • Keeps you updated with the recent up-gradation of the software.
  • Provide valuable & unlimited consultancy service to the users.
  • Gives credibility to the various customers via support.
If looking for a product specific help? Intuit are always there to troubleshoot the issues & query of your software. Get in touch with us by leaving a message with our Turbo Tax, Mint & QuickBooks. 

Intuit’s second quarter fiscal 2020 Expectations

Intuit is yet to arrive with second quarter fiscal 2020 expectations. Every section of the firm using Intuit products is going to benefitted from this fiscal advantage. Let’s check out how it will work on various sections.
  • The revenue growth is expected with a hike of 18%  in the small business & self-employed Group, 16% in Consumer Group & 7% in the Strategic Partner Group.
  • Combined QuickBooks Online & Turbo Tax online platform revenue can come over 28%.
  • 38% QuickBooks Online Ecosystem revenue for $2.1 billion.
Stay tuned to us & get recent updates regarding Intuit’s second & upcoming quarter updates.