QuickBooks Error 2002
QuickBooks Error 2002

QuickBooks Error 2002

Users of QuickBooks might sometimes encounter QuickBooks Error 2002. It is a payroll Error that occurs while accessing payroll. If users are operating on the QuickBooks Payroll, they may be prompted to provide a PIN and the error message for 2002 should be entered carefully otherwise. If users type the incorrect PIN they have to provide the right one again.

What are the reasons for which QuickBooks Error 2002 occurs?

A list of possible reasons behind this issue are:
  • You have entered a piece of incorrect information or a duplicate one while creating a data file.
  • There are more than one Employer Identification Numbers(EIN) for a single business file.
  • The user has entered the wrong PIN mistakenly.
Some CheckPoints one should keep in mind!
  • The PIN should have one letter and one number between 8 and 12 characters.
  • When entering the PIN, make sure you check your NUM Lock and Caps Lock on your keyboard.
  • Users can make their payroll transaction requests easily.

What are the troubleshooting steps to get rid of QuickBooks Error 2002?

To get the solution to this problem, you can try the steps given as:

  • First of all, you need to shut down your PC and again login as an administrator.
  • Check your internet connection and then download the ‘PAYROLLSUBINI.EXE’ and run this on your system.
  • You need to click the option” Repair Utility” and run this to check payroll problems.
  • When completed, check-in the QuickBooks for the availability of any recent Payroll updates:
  1. Tap the ‘ EMPLOYEES ‘ button, and pick ‘ PAYROLL UPDATES. ‘
  2. Here you can test whether there are any new PAYROLL updates available.
  3. In the event of bugs, download and upgrade the program to rectify the mistake.

In case you are unable to fix the issue using the above-given steps, you can contact our support team on +1-833-353-0548. They will help you with the best and reliable solutions.