Quickbooks Error 6000
Quickbooks Error 6000

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000 Step by Step Guide.

There are various software available in the market. But, Quickbooks become successful in gaining the preferences of most users. Quickbooks is one of the effective tools that facilitate the user with accuracy & reliability. But, along with the exclusiveness of the software, Quickbooks appear with some drawbacks also. These drawbacks come in the form of error & glitches. Here we are going to discuss about one such error, that is Quickbooks 6000.

Causes of Quickbooks Error 6000

Quickbooks Error 6000 is one of the common errors that pop up in the system, while you open the company file. There are different causes for the arrival of Quickbooks error 6000:-

  • The Firewall might be blocking the connection.
  • .TLG File is corrupted.
  • The network connection of the system is incorrectly configured.
  • Due to the logging of multiple users into the same company file.
  • While trying to restore the previous backup of your files.
  • Either the company file is damaged.

So, these are some of the causes that are responsible for the arrival of Quickbooks error 6000 issue.

How to resolve Quickbooks Error 6000?

To resolve the Quickbooks error 6000, there are various solutions available on the web. Here, we come up with one of them to fix the Quickbooks error 6000:-
  • Configure the Firewall & Antivirus software settings
  • Open the Quickbooks Database manager.
  • There find the port monitor tab & also check the Quickbooks version.
  • Ensure that you have noted down the Firewall port Number.
  • Now, open the windows firewall.
  • Navigate to the advanced settings.
  • Right-click for the inbounds option & then select for the New Rule option.
  • Now, click on the port.
  • Then, next to move further.
In case, you still face Quickbooks Error issues. Then, make a direct call to Quickbooks Support Phone Number. Here, you will find 24*7 of support from the Technicians.