QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5
QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5

What are the possible reasons for which QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 occurs?

QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5 is an error that occurs with the message as,” Got Unexpected Error 5 in Call to NetShareGetInfo for Path”. In this case, QB database Service users are not allowed to use the location of the file. One of the main causes of this issue is the wrong entries in the Windows registry. Let’s move further to know more about its causes and solutions to get rid of this issue.
  • You have not installed QB properly.
  • When a user has accidentally deleted a system file or registry entry.
  • PC gets shut down.
  • There are invalid entries in the Windows registry.
  • QuickBooks Error 5 can also be caused by a malware attack or any virus.
  • If a system or application component can’t access normal operations.

How can you resolve QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5?

To get the solution to this issue, you can try the solutions as:

Solution1: You can delete the user

  • Start Company Tab in QuickBooks Desktop and pick Users.
  • Pick Users and Roles to Enable.
  • Choose the user in the User List and select.
  • Choose OK to confirm.

Solution2: You can Re-create the user

  • First of all, choose users and roles and select it.
  • Now, for the new user, you need to make a new username.
  • Generate a new password and then verify it.
  • Create user roles.

Solution3: You can install the Reimage Repair Tool

  • Firstly, download the Repair Tool for Reimage.
  • Save that tool.
  • Go to the position of the file and when the prompt appears on the screen press Yes.
  • Unmark the checkbox to launch the automatic scan.
  • Select Download, and automatically scan the app.
  • When the scanning is completed, press Repair Begin.
  • Eventually, restart QuickBooks and check if QuickBooks Error 5 still shows up.

We are hoping these solutions will help you to get rid of the error easily. Still, if the issue persists, you can reach us for help. We have a proficient team of experts to solve your QuickBooks issues @ +1-833-353-0548.