QuickBooks Email Error
QuickBooks Email Error

What causes QuickBooks Email Error?

As an exclusive product, QuickBooks is susceptible to errors. One of the errors is QuickBooks Email Error. Here we are going to discuss what are the causes of this issue and what steps should be taken to avoid the problem. Let’s proceed to know the causes first.
Look at some of the causes below:
  • A user has not set an email preference accurately.
  • There is a damaged MAPI32.dll document.
  • QB is in administrator mode.
  • QB installation corrupted.
  • Damaged outlook establishment.
  • Outlook when sending the email from QuickBooks is available from sight.

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks Email Error?

There exist many solutions to this problem. Some of them are given as:

Solution 1: Make sure that QuickBooks is not in administrator mode

  • Make a right-click on the icon of QuickBooks.
  • Choose “Properties”
  • Now, choose the “Compatibility tab”.
  • Deselect the Administrator mode.
  • Choose the option, “Show settings for all users”.
  • Press “Okay”.
  • Exit and start QuickBooks again.

Solution 2: Make sure that your Email Preferences are set correctly in the Internet Explorer

  • Let the QuickBooks be closed and hit on “Open Internet Explorer”
  • Now, click on the Tools option and then select Internet Options.
  • Press Programs Tab.
  • Ensure that the correct email program is selected as the default email program, on the tab Programmes.
  • For instance, make sure Outlook is selected if you are attempting to use Outlook to send an email. Make sure the Outlook Express is selected if you try to send email using Outlook Express.
  • You need to choose the right option and then click Apply and then OK.
  • Select Internet Explorer and then Open QB.
  • Let the transaction or report be emailed.

Solution 3: Make sure that your Email Preferences are set correctly in QuickBooks

  • Select Edit and then click on “Preferences”.
  • Send Forms.
  • Press the tab“My Preferences”.
  • Set Use the option to send e-mail, and press OK.
  • In case the preferences are set correctly, to toggle it,
  1. Pick the Edit option and then “Preferences”.
  2. Press the option, “Send Forms”
  3. Press the tab,”My Preferences”.
  4. Select the QB email and then hit “OK”.
  5. Then select from Edit and “Select Preferences”.
  6. Click “OK” after selecting the Outlook option.
  • Close QB and all other programs too.
  • Start your windows again and start QB again.
  • Let the transaction or report be emailed.
The above given are some of the measures that should be taken to get rid of QuickBooks Email Error. In case there is any difficulty you are facing in using any of the above steps, you can connect with our experts. They will help you by providing information in detail.